Sunday, July 28, 2013

Greyson Update

(Had this post ready to go last September.. How have I been slacking with blogging for so long?!?)
 6 Months
 7 Months
 8 Months
9 Months

10 Months

Greyson is such a happy baby!! We love having this wonderful baby boy in our family! :) He is just so sweet and smiley. He is a Momma's boy for sure, but he sure loves his Daddy and his big sister Jayden.  
He army crawls and crawls on his knees. He gets EVERYWHERE. Cries if we take anything away. Doesn't like getting dressed. Loves music. Has such a cute laugh. Perfect smile. His 5th tooth is coming in. Loves playing with any toy, especially what Jayden is playing with. Follows me or Denny around our little apartment. Bites me all the time, he is such a little monster ;) Really good at making a big mess with toys. Loves to eat, especially when he can feed himself, loves his water bottle, he gets excited every time he sees it. Pulls down all the DVD's off the DVD stand that he can reach. Starting to try to pull himself him on the furniture.
He seems to be a lot more adventurous than Jayden was. He is a lot rougher on toys and things than Jayden was. Such a boy!! :)
We just LOVE him!!!!

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Ju said...

I forgot what a chunk he was!!! These pictures are adorable!!!